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Leichter Stockschirm mit Rundhakengriff II

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Windproof system
Windproof system
Maximum frame flexibility with wind-related handling - only premium FARE models feature this technology. The windproof system means that the umbrella can withstand strong gusts of wind. It turns inside out in extremely windy conditions but does not break. The ribs do not break and bend.
10 Panels
10 Panels
Umbrellas are generally made of 6 - 8 segments. Umbrellas made with more, but slimmer segments achieve a particularly attractive umbrella shape.
Teflon™ fabric protector
Teflon™ fabric protector
Teflon™ fabric protection - Teflon™ is well known for its non-stick properties. Teflon™-coated umbrellas are treated with Teflon™ fabric protector and are highly water-repellent and stain-resistant. The coating forms an invisible protective layeron the shade, ensuring that water and oil roll off reliably and dirt can be removed easily.
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Einfache Handhabung durch Sicherheitsschieber, hochwertiges Windproof-System für eine maximale Gestell-Flexibilität bei stärkeren Windböen, flexible Fiberglasschienen, leichter Aluminiumstock, wasser- und schmutzabweisende Bezugseigenschaften durch original Teflon™ Faserschutz, besondere Schirmform durch 10 Segmente, Top mit rutschhemmender Gummizwinge, Holz-Rundhakengriff mit Werbeanbringungsmöglichkeit
Technical details
Umbrella diameter 105 cm
Closed length 89 cm
Number of panels 10 
Weight 505 g
Diameter shaft 12 mm
Handle Real leather
Comparable Pantone 7588C
Packaging unit 1 piece(s)
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