AOC golf mini umbrella Jumbomagic Windfighter FARE®-Exclusive

Item 5605 black

Elegant automatic open/close golf mini umbrella for two people with leather trim and chromed details

  • Umbrella diameter 124 cm
  • Closed length 34 cm
  • Number of panels
  • Weight 549 g
  • Frame 3 -section
  • Cover54% Nylon, 46% Polyester
  • HandlePlastic, Real leather
  • ShaftSteel

Convenient automatic open/close function for quick opening and closing, high quality windproof system with highly flexible FARE®-FlexBar ribs for higher flexibility and stability in windy conditions, chromed steel shaft, nylon polyester cover with elegant woven design, water and dirt repellent cover properties through original Teflon™ fabric protector, exclusive handle with real leather trims, integrated push button and promotional labelling option, attractive sleeve with convenient zipper, large, accommodating diameter, single packed in a high quality gift box


Promotional labelling

Screen printing panel
  • Upper width = 180 mm
  • Height = 150 mm
  • Lower width = 280 mm
Screen printing closing strap
  • Width = 85 mm
  • Height = 10 mm
Screen printing sleeve
  • Width = 120 mm
  • Height = 45 mm
Doming handle
  • Diamater = 20 mm
Laser sticker handle
  • Diamater = 20 mm

Available colours:

Product features

AOC (Automatic open/close)

Umbrella opens and closes automatically at the push of a button

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Windproof system

Maximum frame flexibility with wind-related handling - only premium FARE models feature this technology. The windproof system means that the umbrella can withstand strong gusts of wind. It turns inside out in extremely windy conditions but does not break. The ribs do not break and bend.

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Quality sign for especially hardened aluminium.

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The FARE®-FlexBar brand represents umbrella models with the high quality windproof system featuring extremely flexible FARE®-FlexBar plastic ribs for better resistance to gusts of wind. The ribs are made of a special material mix used for the production of high quality mini umbrellas.

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Special size of round diameter

Umbrellas with an extra large diameter.

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Teflon™ fabric protector

Teflon™ fabric protection - Teflon™ is well known for its non-stick properties. Teflon™-coated umbrellas are treated with Teflon™ fabric protector and are highly water-repellent and stain-resistant. The coating forms an invisible protective layeron the shade, ensuring that water and oil roll off reliably and dirt can be removed easily.

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Gift box

Umbrella is packed in a gift box (single box).

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EXCLUSIVE FARE® labels identifies products which are exclusively developed and produced by FARE or for FARE.

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