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Parasol XS

Modern parasol with frame in a titanium finish and tilt mechanism Learn more

Carrying cuff case
Carrying cuff case
This umbrella model is equipped with a comfortable cuff case with shoulder strap.
UPF 50+
UPF 50+
• The fabric has an excellent UV protection. It is tested under defined conditions to the permeability of harmful UV radiation. The protective effect is expressed by the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). The higher the factor, the better the protection.
• Material testing took place based on the testing method of AS/NZS 4399:2017.
• The UV protection factor (UPF) indicates how much longer the user of items with UV protection or the wearer of UV protective clothing can stay in the sun, without damaging the skin. The calculation basis is the self-protection time of the skin, which varies depending on the skin type. There are 6 different skin types.
• Skin type I is particularly sensitive. It is characterised by a very light, extremely sensitive skin, light eyes, red-blond hair and very often freckles. Skin type I never tans and sunburns very quickly.
• Skin type II is characterised by light, sensitive skin, blue, grey, green or brown eyes, blond to brown hair and often freckles. Skin type II tans little to moderately and often gets a sunburn.
• Skin type III has a light to light brown skin, grey or brown eyes and dark blond to brown hair. Freckles are rare. Skin type III tans faster than skin type II.
• Skin type IV has light brown, olive skin, brown to dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Skin type IV tans quickly.
• Skin type V has dark brown skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown to black hair.
• Skin type VI has dark brown to black skin, dark brown eyes and black hair.
• The skin type should be determined by a dermatologist.
• Further information can be found at:
• A UPF of 50, for example, states that the user can extend his or her stay in the sun by fifty times without provoking skin damage. The time spent in the sun depends on the skin types described above.
Available colours
night blue
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Simple handling with safety runner, solid and sturdy ribs, two-piece and progressively height-adjustable shaft with tilt mechanism to angle the umbrella, ribs and shaft in an elegant titanium finish, lower shaft approx. 120 cm long and twist lock to fix securely, closing strap, convenient carrying case, Cover with sun protection factor UPF 50+, excluding parasol base (Art. 8900)
UPF 50+ Labtech-ID 124480
Promotional labels
Screenprint panel
Screenprint panel
Upper width
250 mm
310 mm
Lower width
460 mm
Siebdruck Futteral
Siebdruck Futteral
110 mm
40 mm
Technical details
Umbrella diameter 160 cm
Closed length 127 cm
Number of panels
Weight 1990 g
Diameter shaft 22 mm
Diameter shaft 2 25 mm
Cover 100% Polyester
Shaft Steel
Comparable Pantone 137C or 1375C
Packaging unit 12 piece(s)
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