Transfer printing

The transfer printing

Transfer printing can be realized on all coloured umbrella covers. During the transfer, your individual motif is printed directly on the carrier (foil), cut out and transferred to the umbrella cover by using heat.

You can feel the digital transfer. The great advantage of the digital transfer is that very fine rasters and courses can be easily implemented.

Please send us your logo for an offer.

Sublimation printing (heat-transfer printing)
The sublimation printing is only approved for white polyester umbrella covers. It allows the reproduction of all images/motifs.

In sublimation printing, the motif is applied with heat using a specially adapted system of inks and printing media. The heat and the pressure cause the colour to change from a solid state to a gaseous state and penetrate the cover fabric. This ensures that no haptics can be felt, i. e. only the umbrella cover can be felt. The sublimation printing offers plenty of creative space for your design.

Notes on Production

The print size for German productions can be found in the advertising on the respective product page.

The covers for Far East productions are printed before sewing. Therefore, full-surface print motifs can be realized.

Terms of production

Printing in Germany
The production time depending on the quantity from 3 weeks.

Printing in Far East:
The production time depending on the quantity from 19 weeks.