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What you should know

Transfer printing

Transfer printing is particularly suitable for photo-realistic motifs or motifs with very fine screens or fine gradients.

Refinement Far East

As a rule, printing is only carried out on white cover material and applied directly. This applies to image motifs as well as solid colours for small quantities. Allover Express


Refinement Germany

This type of printing can be realised on all coloured umbrella covers. With transfer, your individual motif is printed directly on the carrier (foil) and transferred to the umbrella cover by means of heat. The transfer print is tangible.

For white covers, the special printing process sublimation printing is used, which, like transfer printing, is also ideal for photo-realistic motifs. Sublimation printing, on the other hand, is not tactile.


Non-woven bag eBrella® printing

In addition, transfer printing is suitable for finishing the non-woven bag that protects the elegant packaging of the FARE® eBrella® electric pocket umbrella (Art. 5382).



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Photorealistic motifs

Transfer printing is particularly suitable for the implementation of your individual photo-realistic images.


Advantages of finishing in Germany and the Far East

Refinement in Germany

Advantages for Germany

  • Short delivery time

  • Ideal for quantities from 48 pieces

  • Filigree picture motifs

Refinement in the Far East

Advantages for the Far east

  • Photorealistic motifs - across wedges

  • Full-surface printing of CI-compliant solid colours

  • Quantities from 100 pieces