Eco- and price-conscious

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AOC ÖkoBrella

Double automatic umbrella

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 Midsize ÖkoBrella

With bamboo elements

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ÖkoBrella Shopping

Pocket umbrella with pocket

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Water is a precious commodity. That's why we have planned a campaign for this year, in which we will work together with the organisation "Viva con Agua" for access to clean drinking

water and sanitary supplies. 

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Free your mind

Letting your eyes wander into the greenery and listening 

to the birds chirping can stimulate creativity.

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Look at this!

Flirt a little with the world and attract all eyes. Transparency is the trend - all around or in refined details.
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Truly sustainable

At FARE, we understand sustainability as a combination of social, economic an ecological fields of action of our company, which are integrated into our core business.Discover now!

Your Umbrella - your Story

Every company and every brand has a lot to say. About its own values, about topics and ideas that move people. With an individual FARE® umbrella, you can tell precisely these stories!Discover now!

Our new Allover Xpress service!

Allover printing of your desired motive ready to ship within 15-20 days after approval with a minimum quantity
of 100 pieces only!

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