Laser engraving

What is laser engraving?
A laser engraving is an advertising possibility for discreet as well as elegant demands. It stands out due to its razor-sharp contours and a filigree representation of the smallest details. These can be found on engraved umbrella handles and microfibre towels.

The engravings can be applied to wooden and aluminium handles, grip rings or release buttons. These different possibilities of engraving make the discreet appearance even clearer.

Which models can be laser engraved on the handle?
The FACTBOOK icon shows you which models can be personalized with laser engraving. Laser engraving in the handle can be used for models such as the FARE®-Classic, the alu regular umbrella LightMagic or the AC alu regular umbrella Windmatic. This type of advertising is discreet but memorable.

But watch out: Due to different material properties, a uniform result cannot be guaranteed with laser engraving. The models that are suitable for laser engraving can be identified as such by the icons indicated.

What is an EVA laser engraving?
With an EVA laser engraving, a particularly plastic effect on soft-touch handles is possible. These can be worked comfortably into the laser-capable soft grips. For example, the AC golf umbrella or Colorline are ideal for this.

Examples for a laser engraving

Laser engraving enjoy-the-Rain
Laser engraving example