Photorealistic advertising by doming
Brilliant colours with a 3-D effect for a particularly demanding, photorealistic optic. High quality finished surface, extremely durable.

Photo real
A particularly sophisticated photorealistic optic sets the benchmark.

the colours are brilliantly reproduced.

Crystal clear
The desired 3D effect is created with the help of an elastic, crystal clear resin that provides for a finished surface, which is both durable and of a high quality.

We produce your Doming in high-end quality within a relatively very short space of time, and moreover in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

Sustainable Production
A sustainable Doming production is only possible if social responsibility, economic efficiency and the protection of the natural environment inseparably belong together. We regularly review the potential for improvement in the procurement of environmentally friendly raw, auxiliary and operating materials. This enables us to as far as possible avoid polluting emissions, as well as to minimize the utilization of resources to an acceptable level over the long term.

✔️ water-based paints 
✔️ no plasticizers
✔️ no bisphenol A 
✔️ no use of epoxide 
✔️ European paper
✔️ environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive
✔️ durable
✔️ recyclable

What are the advantages of FARE-Domings?
Our Domings are with regard to the details and the colours, deeper and sharper. The product is shipped to you in excellent print quality.

Doming position

Doming examples