Children's umbrellas 5

Item 5062 black

Mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95

Item 5460 black

Mini pocket umbrella FARE® AOC

Item 6002 rainbow

Pocket umbrella FARE® 4Kids

Item 6905 rainbow

Regular umbrella FARE® 4Kids

Item 6949 rainbow

Regular umbrella FARE® 4Kids Skylight®

FARE children's umbrellas: safe rain protection especially for children

Our range of FARE children's umbrellas have been specially designed to protect our youngest children in bad weather and are also an expression of our commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection. Our children's umbrellas are more than just simple umbrellas for children - they are safety umbrellas that meet children's needs in terms of comfort and safety. These high-quality children's umbrellas are both durable and lightweight, making them the ideal choice for little hands. With the springless safety runner, which has been specially designed for use by children, our FARE children's umbrellas offer easy opening and closing. Additionally, rounded and enlarged tips to protect against injuries minimize the risk of accidents.

Colorful children's umbrellas: colorful protection in any weather

Bring color to rainy days with our colorful children's umbrellas. We offer a variety of children's umbrellas in different colors to suit every child's individual taste. From bright primary colors to rainbow designs, our selection of FARE umbrellas for kids offers a wide range of options so there's something to suit every child. But these umbrellas are more than just colorful - they can withstand the punishing conditions that children's accessories are often exposed to and remain robust. FARE therefore promises safety with its products for young and old. The FARE Skylight is ideal for the little ones. With its LED light, it brings light into the dark and is a safe companion on the way to school or in the dark.

Environmentally friendly and durable children's umbrellas: responsible rain protection

In our commitment to sustainability, we also offer eco-friendly children's umbrellas that are not only practical and colorful, but also protect our planet. These durable children's umbrellas are built to last for years, meaning fewer umbrellas end up in landfills. So little ones can make an impact on their environmental footprint from a young age.

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