Midsize umbrellas 13

Item 4111 rainbow

Midsize umbrella ALU light10 Colori

Item 4132 black

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Collection

Item 4155 black

Midsize umbrella FARE® Gearshift

Item 4399 black-yellow

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Seam

Item 4704 dark grey-black

Midsize umbrella FARE® Exklusiv 60th Edition

Item 4744 orange

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Whiteline

Item 4784 black-euroblue

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Style

Item 4875 black

AC alu midsize umbrella Windmatic Black Edition

Item 7379 lime

AC midsize bamboo umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 7799 black

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Sound

Item 7799_0002 black

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Sound

Item 7875 black wS

AC midsize umbrella FARE® RingOpener®

Perfect for couples and individuals

Discover our FARE midsize umbrellas, which are the ideal partner for two or more people. Our medium-sized umbrellas are ideal as a partner umbrella or couple's umbrella and offer the perfect protection and space for you alone or with other people. Our high-quality regular umbrellas are not only practical, but also stylish and can be combined with any look. Choose between different colors, from classic black and white to vibrant colorful regular umbrellas, and enjoy the comfort of a larger umbrella that is still comfortable to hold and easy to use.  

Quality umbrellas that combine style and function

Our medium-sized umbrellas combine style and function in one. As FARE regular umbrellas, they are equipped with an automatic open system that allows the umbrella to be opened at the touch of a button. The quality and workmanship of the umbrellas ensures that they are stormproof and windproof, while also guaranteeing durability. They are the perfect umbrellas for couples who want to share an umbrella, but also for people with a rucksack on their back or a shopping bag in their hand. Among the midsize umbrellas, there are some umbrellas with special features that make you stand out from the crowd, such as our AC midsize umbrella FARE® Whiteline, which is a real eye-catcher with its white accents on the shaft, ribs and tips. Another umbrella with special features is the AC midsize umbrella FARE® Sound. This umbrella plays a melody of your choice when the opening button is pressed, which you simply send to us in an audio format.

Sustainable umbrellas for an environmentally friendly choice

As with all other categories, we are committed to sustainability and offer environmentally friendly midsize umbrellas. Our sustainable umbrellas are not only stylish and practical, but also environmentally friendly. They have a water-saving dyed cover material made from recycled plastics and save 6 liters of water per umbrella. They are the perfect companion for conscious consumers who are looking for a high-quality, durable umbrella that also protects the environment. Our FARE midsize umbrellas and regular umbrellas are an example of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

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