Simply convincing

We believe that, in order to function as a lasting promotional item, an umbrella must meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, safety and quality. Discover the clear reasons that speak in favour of a quality umbrella from FARE.

A trustworthy argument

FARE makes no compromises in terms of quality. The benchmark here is high. The umbrellas are predominantly produced by select, long-term partners in the Far East in factories that have been audited in line with the requirements of the amfori BSCI and that hold a valid audit report.

FARE was the first retailer to provide a TÜV certification for some of its top-end models back in 2000.
Since then, many FARE umbrellas have been tested and certified by accredited testing institutes for their suitability for use, absence of pollutants, etc. Discover our certified products

For more information about Labtech suitability for use tests, » click here.

A windproof argument

FARE® umbrellas are resilient, including the lower-priced models – it is the only way to ensure that your brand can be constantly and reliably portrayed outdoors, regardless of the wind and weather conditions.

The majority of the FARE® models feature a reliable windproof system.
The highly flexible frame on these models turns inside out in heavy gusts of wind before the ribs break or the cover is ripped out of its fixing! Umbrellas with windproof system

More reasons to buy

As an owner-managed family business, we’ve been enthusing about umbrellas for over 60 years! Today, thanks to innovative ideas and the highest quality requirements, we are one of the world’s leading umbrella specialists.

A love for details
Striking FARE® umbrellas with a cool look
and exciting features, each model unique
and perfected for people who expect a
maximum of individuality. Many models are exclusive to us and our retail partners.

Free of harmful substances

Renowned and accredited testing institutes test our products according to the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) criteria. Alongside conformity with REACH, the relevant legal directives for harmful substances are adhered to and implemented for our products.

Material and technology

Aside from a few exceptions, we utilise a high-quality polyester pongee fabric with a closely woven structure and an attractive appearance. The tips are mainly set on and partially rounded, and can always be reaffixed to the ribs, which are largely either entirely or partially made of fibreglass.