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FARE® umbrellas

Our daily work centres around designing individual brand umbrellas. We work hard to create the perfect umbrella for each and every target audience. Our designers, technicians and other staff in Remscheid work passionately on innovations, which are then manufactured by carefully selected and long-lasting partners in line with our standards. We ensure high availability in our logistics centre in Germany, even for short-notice projects. We carefully check the quality of the products and create modern promotional labelling and customised packaging. So we can turn every umbrella into a tailor-made unique product for you.


Here at FARE we see sustainability as a combination of our company’s work in the social, economic and environmental sectors, which we integrate into our core business. We want to strengthen our customer relationships and we want employees who are loyal to our company over the long-term.

Spend more to save! Find out how we have achieved lasting success through consistently thinking and acting in a sustainable way. Sustainably successful

We have many dams and forests right on our doorstep. As such, protecting nature and the environment is a matter of course for us. Taking responsibility

Social issues
We care about the people who are accompanying us on our journey. That is why we invest in our staff, in regional projects and in better working conditions. Engage and respond


FARE - FAssbender REmscheid - started in 1955 as a small export company and today the specialist for high-quality umbrellas throughout Europe. Find out what makes us tick and what is important to us here...

As an owner-managed family business, we have been passionate about umbrellas for over 60 years! Today, thanks to innovative ideas and the highest quality standards, we are one of the leading
umbrella specialists worldwide. Quality since 1955

Our employees have so much love and passion for the product that new product ideas, detailed solutions or even optimised processes and improvements often emerge jointly from individual areas. Get to know us

Together we are strong! Not only with the manufacturers, but also with our customers, finishing partners and service providers, we are often linked by decades of shared history. This creates trust and responsibility with and for each other. Together we are strong


Individual brand umbrellas are our daily work of ideas. We consistently work on the perfect umbrella creation for every target group and passionately tinker with innovations, carefully check the quality and realise modern advertising attachments as well as individual packaging.

Your umbrella
What makes a quality umbrella from FARE and how do we ensure that the user can rely on their favourite umbrella for a long time? Product quality

Your Statement
Why is an umbrella rightly a classic among advertising media? Because it offers large surfaces and an almost infinite variety of finishing options! Finishing options

Year after year, we surprise our customers with innovative new products or additional variants of well-known products. For this, we are regularly rewarded with awards. Awards