"Individual branded umbrellas are our daily work of ideas."

Our claim at FARE is to develop sustainable brand umbrellas with high quality. To this end, our designers, technicians and merchants in Remscheid passionately tinker with innovations and use high-quality materials and water-saving production processes in the manufacture of our umbrellas. Thanks to constant optimization of our ordering processes and cooperation with small series from Italy and England, we ensure high availability in our logistics center in Germany, even for short-term projects. By means of precisely fitting packaging, careful quality controls and the most modern advertising attachments, we can make every umbrella your individual one-of-a-kind.



As an owner-managed family business, we have been passionately dedicated to umbrellas for over 60 years. Our ongoing dedication to innovative ideas and the highest quality standards has established us as one of the world's leading umbrella specialists.


There is so much passion and dedication for our products in our teams that new creative ideas, innovative detailed solutions and improved processes often emerge from the joint exchange. Your advantage: an all-round satisfactory service for our customers.


Together we are strong! Not only with the manufacturers, but also with our customers, finishing partners and service providers, we are often linked by decades of shared history. This creates trust and responsibility among each other and ensures security.



Success is not magic, but comes from years of experience and the constant striving for further development. However, it is important to think and act sustainably. Because this must be kept in constant balance. Not only for the environment, but also to secure jobs and maintain long-term cooperations. 


In addition to the environment, the people who accompany us on our journey are also important to us. That is why we use every capacity to give something back. Regional commitment is particularly important to us and we are therefore happy to support numerous social projects.


In our home Remscheid, we are located in the middle of many dams and forests. Due to this proximity, the protection of nature and the environment is particularly important to us and we integrate it into our everyday life as a matter of course. Exactly this is also reflected in our products!



You can rely on the quality of FARE products. We rely on the best materials and careful workmanship to ensure that every umbrella is robust and functional. We develop umbrellas as companions for years to come, not as disposable products.


The umbrella - a timeless classic among promotional products, it offers a huge surface for your logo and advertising message. Umbrellas offer an endless variety of finishing options to create exactly your customised brand ambassador.


Every year we set ourselves the goal of inspiring our customers when developing new products. We are proud that our innovations are not only recognised by our customers, but also in the industry and are rewarded with various awards.