Straight handle 101

Item 1084 black-euroblue

AC regular umbrella Colorline

Item 1122 red

AC regular umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 1142C black

AC regular umbrella Colormagic®

Item 1149 black

AC regular umbrella

Item 1152 white

AC regular umbrella

Item 1159 lime/grey

AC regular umbrella FARE® Doubleface

Item 1182 yellow

AC umbrella FARE® Collection Square

Item 1245 black

AC regular umbrella

Item 1744 black

Regular umbrella FARE® AC

Item 2235 white

Fibreglass golf umbrella

Item 2304 black wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2333 transparent-lime

AC golf umbrella FARE® Pure

FARE umbrellas with straight handle - functionality meets style

Discover our carefully curated selection of FARE straight handle umbrellas that can offer both a good grip and style. The straight handle of our umbrellas provides a robust and comfortable grip that makes them easy to handle, no matter how strong the wind. Whether you prefer a classic regular umbrella, a practical golf umbrella or a handy pocket umbrella, our category includes a large selection of high-quality umbrellas with a straight handle.

Promote your brand with our customizable umbrellas

Wondering what you can personalize on a FARE umbrella? Our specialist staff can do almost anything, whether it's a high-quality logo print on several panels or a discreet logo sticker on the straight handle. We offer a wide range of straight handle umbrellas, from practical mini pocket umbrellas to extra-large XL umbrellas, all of which can be printed with your company logo or advertising message. Our umbrellas are not only practical, but also effective advertising materials that will be remembered by your customers or employees for a long time thanks to their high-quality workmanship and durability. 

Comfort and quality in one

FARE umbrellas are known for their quality and stylish design. Some of our straight handle umbrellas have an automatic open and close function for added convenience. In our online store, you will find a wide selection of straight handle umbrellas that fit ergonomically in your hand and can withstand even strong gusts. Whether you are looking for an umbrella for yourself or need an effective advertising material for your company, we have the right umbrella for you. Explore our range and order your next straight handle umbrella today.

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