fashionable reflective 19

Item 1744 black

Regular umbrella FARE® AC

Item 4875 black

AC alu midsize umbrella Windmatic Black Edition

Item 5071 black

Pocket umbrella Safebrella®

Item 5171 black

Pocket umbrella Safebrella® LED light

Item 5222 black

Golf pocket umbrella FARE® Jumbo®

Item 5471 black

AOC mini pocket umbrella Safebrella® LED

Item 5477 lime

AOC mini pocket umbrella FARE® ColorReflex

Item 5547 black

Pocket umbrella FARE® AC Plus

Item 5571 black

AC pocket umbrella Safebrella® LED

Item 5640 black

Oversize pocket umbrella FARE® AOC

Item 7377 black

AC golf umbrella FARE® ColorReflex

Item 7395 black

AC golf umbrella FARE® DoggyBrella

Increase your visibility with reflective umbrellas from FARE

Always clearly visible no matter what the weather, our reflective umbrellas from FARE offer you this safety. They combine protection from the rain and protection on the move.  Umbrellas with reflective stripes are not only a useful companion in bad weather, but also increase your visibility in the dark. At FARE you will find a large selection of umbrellas with reflective elements that improve your safety at night or in bad weather conditions. Of course, even umbrellas that are already fitted with reflective strips can also be printed with your logo. However, other finishing options such as an elegant logo sticker on the handle can also be implemented without any problems.

Umbrellas with reflectors from FARE

Our selection includes a variety of umbrella models, including reflective pocket umbrellas, regular umbrellas and golf umbrellas. Wondering which umbrella is best for walking at night? Try our FARE Safebrella® with integrated LED lamp, which provides optimum lighting even in night-time conditions. Or perhaps you'd prefer the compact FARE® ColorReflex mini pocket umbrella; its reflective edge makes it the perfect companion for on the go and ensures eye-catching reflections when the light catches.

Printed reflective umbrellas for your company

At FARE, you have the option of printing your company logo on reflective umbrellas. We use a high-quality screen printing process for this. Our reflective umbrellas are ideal as promotional gifts and also contribute to the safety of your customers and employees. Umbrellas are a creative and useful advertising material that increases the visibility of your brand. When you order from FARE, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality, reflective umbrella for your personal use. Browse through our selection of reflective umbrellas and find the perfect umbrella to match your style. Order a reflective umbrella from FARE today and give yourself or your target group a loyal companion in all weathers. 

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