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Environmentally friendly FARE umbrellas with innovative waterSAVE® process

Be inspired by our unique selection of umbrellas whose cover has been produced using our environmentally friendly waterSAVE® dyeing process. The umbrella variations that can be dyed using this water-saving process range from classic regular umbrellas and practical pocket umbrellas to large golf umbrellas and even our FARE® eBrella® electric pocket umbrella. By using recycled plastics and environmentally friendly dyes, we reduce the water consumption per umbrella by around 6 liters and thus actively contribute to protecting our environment. Decide on a waterSAVE® umbrella model that suits you best and choose a color that is marked with the waterSAVE® logo instead of our standard colors to additionally reduce emissions when purchasing an umbrella. As usual, our water-saving umbrellas can also be printed and finished to the highest quality so that your logo is shown to its best advantage. There is also a discreet reference to the waterSAVE material on the inside of the closing strap of the umbrella, but of course without any restrictions for your print request on the outside of the closing strap.

Reducing energy consumption and emissions for a sustainable future

Our sustainability goals are firmly anchored in our responsible corporate philosophy, which strongly prioritizes the protection of the environment and our energy and water consumption. With the introduction of the waterSAVE® color process, we focused on reducing water consumption, energy use and emissions for our entire manufacturing process. After intensive weeks of preparation, FARE took home the "Innovator of the Year" award at the PSI Sustainability Gala Awards in 2021. In addition, the waterSAVE® coloring process has enabled FARE to save 98% sludge, 70% energy, 60% emissions and 6 liters of water per umbrella. These values were calculated on the basis of a water saving of 2 million liters of water for processing around 300,000 m² of fabric, from which around 350,000 umbrellas can be produced.

Environmentally friendly materials and a wide range of color options

The FARE umbrellas covered with the waterSAVE® material are not only a sustainable solution, but are now also available in a wide range of colors. The choice of colors and the different umbrella variations allow you to perfectly underline the style of your brand. The use of environmentally friendly materials and dyeing methods ensures that our umbrellas are stylish, reliable and environmentally conscious for you or your customers and employees, no matter how rainy the weather. Choose one of our umbrellas with waterSAVE® technology for your next purchase and set an example for sustainability. By purchasing a FARE® waterSAVE® umbrella, you not only support our environmentally friendly manufacturing process, but also actively contribute to achieving our climate protection goals. Discover the variety of colors and different umbrellas and enjoy the good feeling of having made a positive contribution to our planet with your purchase.

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