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Alu mini pocket umbrella

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Mini pocket umbrella FiligRain

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FARE pocket umbrellas - Light as a feather

Umbrellas don't have to be heavy and bulky. At FARE, we place great emphasis on comfort and handling, which has led us to create a collection of super-light umbrellas. Our "super-light" category presents pocket umbrellas that are real lightweights without sacrificing style and quality. Our selection includes the FARE FiligRain Only95 and the FARE SlimLite® Adventure, two of our most popular pocket umbrellas when it comes to weight and versatility. Our lightest model weighs just 95 grams, less than a bar of chocolate, and even won the reddot design award in 2019.

Perfect companion for traveling and on the go

At FARE you can order the ideal companion for every trip. Our portable umbrellas fit in any bag and are so light that they hardly weigh a thing. Wondering what the advantages of a lightweight umbrella are? The light weight makes them the ideal everyday or travel companion. Models such as the FARE FiligRain and the aluminum mini pocket umbrella are characterized by their ultra-light weight and offer reliable protection from sudden rain showers. Thanks to their handy format, these umbrellas can also be carried with you at all times as "emergency umbrellas" or carried in a briefcase or even a small ladies' handbag. This keeps you dry on the go or when traveling without having to carry unnecessary luggage and weight around with you. Our super-light pocket umbrellas are particularly suitable as promotional ambassadors for your company. By allowing your customers or employees to take the umbrellas with them when traveling, you can achieve the widest possible reach for your advertising message. The super-light or very thin FARE umbrellas are also ideal for a high-quality logo print or a logo sticker in the handle. Our compact umbrella models in particular offer logistical advantages for you and are also perfect as inserts or additional items. 

Individual and effective advertising

FARE's super-light umbrellas are not only practical and stylish, they also offer a great way for companies to make their brand visible. Our umbrellas can be custom printed or feature a high quality sticker with your logo on the handle, making them effective advertising materials. Whether as a gift for customers or as equipment for your employees, printed umbrellas ensure a long-lasting and positive presence for your brand. At FARE, you will find the perfect compact pocket umbrella model for every need and every occasion. Discover our versatile selection of lightweight pocket umbrellas and benefit from our exclusive range. All our pocket umbrellas are characterized by their lightness and durability and can be personalized according to your wishes.

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