The perfect companion for the way to school

Stick umbrella FARE® 4Kids Skylight

✅ Replaceable batteries

✅ Bright LED light for visibility in the dark

✅ Rounded tips for safe use

The FARE 4Kids Skylight children's stick umbrella has an innovative LED interior light. The LED light is easy to switch on and off and gives children more safety when out and about, especially at dusk or in the dark. The kids will be noticed more quickly in autumn and winter, e.g. on the way to school.

FARE children's umbrellas - safe and colourful companions in the rain for girls and boys. 

Umbrellas are the important companions when it gets really uncomfortable and wet outside. How good it is that there are traditional German companies like FARE that offer high-quality and safe children's umbrellas. We use our years of know-how to adapt the pocket and stick umbrellas in small format ideally to the needs of children. The span of children's umbrellas is just under 80cm compared to 100cm for adult pocket umbrellas. Easy and safe use is ensured, for example, by a springless safety slide and the rounded, enlarged tips to protect against injuries. Even the end of the pole is rounded - so that kids can discover the world as carefree as possible in any weather. The children's umbrellas are equipped with the Windproof System. This means that the umbrella can withstand strong gusts of wind. In extreme wind situations, it flaps but does not break. The high-quality fibreglass rails do not break or bend. We have also made sure that the handles of the children's umbrellas are designed to fit small children's hands. FARE offers soft-feel handles and models with a practical carrying loop for children.


For a safe start to school

Pocket umbrella FARE® 4Kids

✅ Fits perfectly in any school backpack

✅ Simple and safe opening mechanism thanks to springless safety slider

✅ Rounded tips for extra safety

By the way, children's umbrellas are also perfect as a meaningful gift. A mini pocket umbrella looks particularly good in a school gift bag or in a child's Advent calendar.

Rainbow between clouds


For a safe start to school

Pocket umbrella FARE® 4Kids

✅ Child-friendly closed length of 59 cm

✅ Easy and safe handling due to springless safety slider

✅ Rounded top to protect against injuries

Our tip: For kindergarten children, choose our smallest models such as the FARE® 4Kids pocket umbrella or the FARE® 4Kids stick umbrella. These are made from particularly safe materials to be perfect for children's use.

A variety of uses for our diverse models

The colourful rainbow designs make children's eyes light up, but you can also order plain-coloured models easily and securely in the FARE webshop. The small children's bag umbrellas are compact and lightweight so that they can always be carried in a school bag or gym bag. So in addition to the typical rain protection provided by rainwear, it is always advisable to give your children and grandchildren an umbrella as well. This way you can make sure that the scout, the sports bag or even the best friends are additionally protected from the rain. The FARE children's umbrellas are the ideal companions on the way to kindergarten, school, to friends or even to sports. The colourful designs come without motifs and will accompany your little ones for years, as they are more neutral than short-term trends that are "out" again after a few months and are no longer used. Due to the high quality of FARE children's umbrellas, they withstand everyday wear and tear and are the sustainable alternative to cheap disposable items from drugstores and the like. The FARE Skylight umbrella, for example, is ideal as a gift for the next St. Martin's procession, where your child is guaranteed to attract attention with the illuminated LED umbrella. But also at Easter, Christmas or for a birthday, you will give your little ones great pleasure with a reliable and colourful FARE children's umbrella.


For the secondary school

Mini Pocket Umbrella FiligRain Only95

If you are looking for a particularly lightweight umbrella variant, we can recommend the mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95, which with its weight of just 95g and 20cm length can easily fit in mom's small handbag or in the inside pocket of the raincoat.

Mini Pocket Umbrella FARE® AOC

School children can already cope with somewhat more robust and larger umbrella models, such as the mini pocket umbrella FARE® AOC, which opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button and is available in a whole 30 colours! A real all-round talent for everyday school life.

Taschenschirm FARE® AC Plus


Another very popular umbrella is the FARE® AC Plus pocket umbrella, which stands out even in the dark thanks to its bright neon colours and fashionable reflective piping. In addition, the case is also equipped with fashionable reflective piping.

The ideal daily companion for school

School children can already cope with somewhat more robust and larger umbrella models, such as the mini pocket umbrella FARE® AOC, which opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button and is available in a whole 30 colours! For children at secondary schools and growing teens, larger umbrellas with popular features such as reflective elements or transparent umbrellas are also suitable. By the way, FARE quality umbrellas are not only a great gift idea for children, but also for mum, dad or grandparents. Why not go with your little ones in a partner look and treat yourself to an umbrella with Led interior lighting or give money as a gift not in an uncreative money envelope, but in an unusual umbrella handle that can be filled individually by you. Whether it's catching the mud monsters, dancing in the rain or back to school: with FARE quality umbrellas, you are buying your children safe and reliable rain protection that will accompany them on all their activities for years to come. You can order umbrellas as useful children's gifts free of shipping costs at fare.de/en/ and pay conveniently via PayPal, we will be happy to advise you!


Personalising children's umbrellas? No problem!

Miriam Schnittger

Miriam Schnittger 

Sales Consultant

In addition to all the possible uses, you can also customise all children's umbrellas with your logo or design for marketing and advertising purposes. We can print the small mini models according to your wishes from as little as 48 pieces. Register for exclusive B2B conditions and let our professional staff explain to you the many possibilities of using umbrellas as advertising media. We look forward to your enquiry, also personally directly on the phone!