Hiking in the mountains and nature with FARE

Carefree on vacation

The long-awaited vacation is just around the corner, but the weather forecast is unclear and maybe even a few rain showers are expected? What are pocket umbrellas for? Whether for a hike in the mountains, a trip to the seaside or a city break - FARE offers real lightweights that are easy to take with you and should be included in your vacation luggage in advance. 
And that's usually the case: Packing an umbrella is the best guarantee that it won't rain in the first place.

Less is more - with the SlimLite® Adventure!

We all know how important it is to pay attention to every detail and every gram of extra weight during outdoor activities. Our SlimLite® Adventure mini pocket umbrella combines lightness, functionality and compactness. With its ultra-flat and space-saving design, it fits easily into any bag. The snap hook on the sheath allows you to attach the umbrella to your rucksack. This super-light umbrella offers reliable protection in all weather conditions and ensures that outdoor adventures can be enjoyed to the full.

Mountains and meadow

It doesn't get any lighter than this:
The FiligRain Only95 weighs less than 100 grams!

When traveling, you want to travel light - with a small rucksack or handy bag. This is where the FiligRain Only95 mini pocket umbrella comes in handy. Because it weighs less than a bar of chocolate. This makes it the ideal advertising medium for travel agencies and tour operators, e.g. printed with a logo or brand name.

  • FARE mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95 open outside
  • FARE mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95 closed handle
  • FARE mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95 open inside

We let moving pictures speak for themselves: Start the video now!

images: FARE, Pixabay (by Ilona Ilyés), AdobeStock