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Parasols: Whenever the sun shines down

Nothing lures us outside as often as the sun – at all times of the year. Whether on the balcony at home or in the park, in the “remote office” or on a picnic – a parasol from FARE is always the right choice. Because it provides shade AS WELL AS protection against UV rays, heat and prying eyes.

Always in on the action

A practical carrying case for convenient transport makes parasols from FARE the perfect companion. Simply throw it over your shoulder and the sunshade is available everywhere and at any time. Available in sizes XS to XL – and in colours that simply put you in a good mood.

Walking group beach with parasol summer
Family at the beach under parasol

With sun protection factor UPF 50+

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a standard for textiles. The cover material of our parasols is tested under defined conditions for the permeability of harmful UV radiation – and is therefore certified. With UPF 50+, our parasols offer excellent UV protection.
The natural self-protection of the skin is extended more than 50 times. This allows you to enjoy much more time outdoors without risking skin damage. Especially for fair skin types and children’s sensitive skin, such high UV protection is indispensable.

The perfect umbrella holder for outdoor areas

Spend a relaxing day at the beach or in the park and protect yourself from the sun at the same time? That’s not always so easy, because without an umbrella stand, the parasol cannot be anchored in the ground.

This is where the handy steel ground spike comes to the rescue: it can be easily taken anywhere and is quickly and easily set up thanks to the foot step. This makes the umbrella more resistant to gusts of wind, and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the day.

  • Steel ground spike View
  • Steel ground spike witht parasol pole
  • Ground spike application Hand in sand
  • Ground spike application food in sand

It always fits: our travel parasol with UV protection

The Travelmate Camper beach parasol is quick and easy to stow away in the carrying case or in a suitcase, sports or travel bag - and can be quickly assembled on site.  Even if dark clouds suddenly gather, the large regular umbrella can be used as rain protection. Now new in OLIV-KOMBI!

  • FARE parasol Travelmate Camper open with pole
  • FARE parasol Travelmate Camper open outside
  • FARE Travelmate Camper parasol accessories
  • FARE Travelmate Camper parasol in a case

Modern parasol with tilt mechanism

  • Simple handling with safety runner
  • solid and robust ribs
  • two-piece and progressively height-adjustable shaft with tilt mechanism to angle the umbrella
  • ribs and shaft in an elegant titanium finish
  • lower shaft with approx. 120-125 cm length and twist lock for secure fixing
  • closing strap, convenient carrying case
  •  cover with sun protection factor UPF 50+
  • excluding parasol base (item 8900)

parasol case

Carrying case

Easy to stow away, easy to transport: The carrying case with convenient carrying strap makes the parasols mobile – meaning they will be used even more often.

Parasol stick swivel lock

Tilt mechanism

Because the sun is mostly not high up in the sky, the tilt mechanism allows the parasol to be tilted. This quickly ensures that enough shade is provided.

Bending device

Twist lock

The parasol can be securely fixed to the 120-125 cm long lower shaft with the twist lock. The height can also be adjusted using the twist lock.

Individual finishing options

With our parasols, the cover panels and the carrying case can be printed with screen printing. Logos, claims, mottos and other (advertising) elements thereby make each parasol a truly unique and striking ambassador for brands or companies.

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