FARE is the first Innovator of the Year!

It is done: After intense weeks of preparation, we have brought home this extraordinary award. We never expected to be the first winner of the new category "Innovator of the year" and we are so grateful and proud. But what is the winning product or project?

The "Innovator of the year" awards the company that not only lives sustainability itself, but also its partner companies. These must also be role models in terms of sustainability and present the corresponding certificates. Only when all companies along the entire value chain meet these requirements does it have a chance of being "Innovator of the year".

And this is exactly what FARE has proven: "Our long-term supplier and business relationships have contributed to the development of modern production facilities where our products are manufactured today. Along the entire value chain, from purchasing to delivery of our products, we try to follow our sustainable approach. Already during the development of our products, we pay careful attention to the selection and use of materials, even if this sometimes means that we have to accept higher purchase prices.

E.g. products with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified polyester pongee cover material instead of standard polyester pongee cover material or waterSAVE® cover material, produced in a new and environmentally friendly dyeing process instead of the classic fibre dyeing in a wet dyeing process.

The use of materials is also based on the conservation of resources. For example, in injection moulding production, plastic parts that are left over as rejects when a handle is removed from the mould are melted down in the next production lot and used for the production of further plastic components. This reduces the amount of plastic used in new production".

Our Application video
Thinking progressively is good, but only progressive action makes the difference! In our application video, you will not only learn what is special about our waterSAVE® cover material, but also what potential it offers in the context of custom-made products for discerning customers with a sustainable conscience.

The award was specifically about the waterSAVE® process. "In our search for new, more sustainable production options, we came across a revolutionary dyeing process that drastically reduces both the consumption of valuable raw materials as well as energy consumption and the pollution of the environment with harmful substances.

We use this process for our new waterSAVE® cover material, which has now been used for the first time in the popular STYLE series, the Colorline umbrellas and the new FARE®-Steel. For our waterSAVE® cover material, the yarn made from recycled plastic is already completely dyed in the production process. No water is needed in the process. As a result, chemicals can be largely dispensed with and the drying time in energy-guzzling machines is also eliminated." In figures, this means 98% less sewage sludge, 70% less energy consumption, 60% less CO2 and 6 litres of water are saved per umbrella of regular size

A visible sign of sustainable quality
You can recognise our quality umbrellas with waterSAVE® cover material by the additional hangtag and the small textile flag on the cover. By the way, we do not use any foil lamination on the hangtags, so that they can be disposed of in the normal way!

Step by step, we are dedicating ourselves to our sustainability puzzle with ideas and commitment. With the waterSAVE process, we have already taken a big step forward. OVERVIEW WATERSAVE PRODUCTS