Crook handle 36

Item 1104 bordeaux

AC regular umbrella

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AC regular umbrella FARE® Collection

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Regular umbrella FARE® Fashion AC

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AC regular umbrella FARE® Camouflage

Item 1119 black

AC regular umbrella FARE® View

Item 1134 red

AC regular umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 1139 check white-red

AC regular umbrella FARE® Classic Dessin

Item 1162 white

AC regular umbrella

Item 1193 black/forrest design

AC regular umbrella FARE® Nature

Item 1198 sunflower

AC regular umbrella FARE® Motiv

Item 1755 black

Regular umbrella FARE® Fibertec® AC

Item 2314 lime wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

FARE umbrellas with crook handle - tradition meets quality

Our category of umbrellas equipped with a crook handle offers you a diverse selection of high-quality umbrellas that perfectly combine elegance and functionality. A classic umbrella with a crook handle is not only a useful accessory, but can also be an expression of style and taste. From traditional regular umbrellas with a wooden round hook handle to modern golf umbrellas with an automatic open/close function: discover our wide range of umbrella models. Whether you're looking for a midsize umbrella, a pocket umbrella or children's umbrellas, many of our umbrellas come with different handle options.

Umbrella handles - quality you can feel

Wondering what the advantages of an umbrella with a crook handle are? This type of handle not only offers you quality and comfort, but can also emphasize your style with your classic look. Our umbrellas with a handy umbrella handle are easy to handle and comfortable to carry. They can be easily hung on the coat rack, placed hanging at the end of a table or simply worn over the wrist when walking. What's more, our beautifully designed crook handles are made from durable materials, such as wood or high-quality plastics, to ensure a long service life. The FARE crook handles are ergonomically shaped so that the umbrellas are comfortable to hold - even in strong gusts of wind. With a FARE umbrella firmly in your handle, you are prepared for any weather. 

Umbrellas as advertising material - your logo in the spotlight

In addition to sales to private customers, we also offer solutions for companies. Our umbrellas with crook handle can be printed with your company logo or slogan and make excellent advertising material. A high-quality umbrella with your logo is not only a practical gift for customers or employees, but also an effective way to promote your brand. With our many different finishing options, your company will be put in the spotlight even on rainy days. Whether you're looking for an umbrella for yourself or as advertising material for your company, you'll find it at FARE.

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