Pocket umbrellas 60

Item 5002 black

Topless pocket umbrella

Item 5008 white

Alu mini pocket umbrella

Item 5012 dark green

Mini pocket umbrella

Item 5029 red

Pocket umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 5042C black

Pocket umbrella Colormagic®

Item 5052 black

Pocket umbrella FARE® Fillit

Item 5062 black

Mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95

Item 5069 black

Mini pocket umbrella SlimLite® Adventure

Item 5070 black

Mini pocket umbrella FiligRain

Item 5071 black

Pocket umbrella Safebrella®

Item 5084 black-euroblue

Pocket umbrella FARE® Mini Style

Item 5095 grey

Pocket umbrella ÖkoBrella

Compact umbrellas: practical and stylish for travelling

In our exclusive selection of pocket umbrellas specially designed for everyday use, you will find umbrellas with first-class quality so that you are perfectly protected from rain and wind at all times. Durable, robust and lightweight, our mini umbrellas are the perfect choice for anyone who values functionality and design. Our diverse selection of lightweight and storm-resistant pocket umbrellas includes different umbrella sizes and styles that are suitable for both adults and children. Whether you prefer a simple, elegant design or an eye-catching, colourful pattern, you are guaranteed to find the right umbrella to suit your personal style.

Handy umbrellas: space-optimised and comfortable

Our compact pocket umbrella scores points with its clever design, which is space-saving and practical, making it ideal for mobile use on the go. What should you bear in mind with pocket umbrellas? They are designed to fit easily into handbags, briefcases or even jacket pockets, so your umbrella is always at hand to prepare you for unpredictable weather conditions. Our portable umbrellas are made with ease of use in mind. Thanks to the integrated automatic technology, many FARE pocket umbrellas can be opened and closed quickly and easily at the touch of a button. 

Versatile everyday companions: pocket umbrellas for every style

At FARE, we attach great importance to presenting you with an extensive range of pocket umbrellas that are both practical and visually appealing. In addition, FARE pocket umbrellas can be printed with your logo or, for example, customised with doming stickers or engraved.

For lovers of classic style, we have pocket umbrellas in timeless colours such as black, grey or dark blue. These umbrellas harmonise perfectly with all outfits and are ideal for formal occasions or everyday use at work.

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