Certified 16

Item 1122 grey wS

AC regular umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2304 black wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2314 lime wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2384 black-euroblue

AC golf umbrella FARE® Style

Item 4784 black-euroblue

AC midsize umbrella FARE® Style

Item 5084 black-euroblue

Pocket umbrella FARE® Mini Style

Item 5429 grey wS

AOC pocket umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 5484 black-euroblue

Pocket umbrella FARE® AOC-Mini Style

Item 5514 red wS

AC pocket umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 5584 black-euroblue

Pocket umbrella FARE® AC-Mini Style

Item 5875 black wS

AOC oversize pocket umbrella FARE® RingOpener®

Item 6002 rainbow

Pocket umbrella FARE® 4Kids

Certified FARE umbrellas - quality, design and reliability

At FARE we are proud of our umbrellas. In particular, we would like to emphasize that our selection of certified umbrellas is so extensive. In the "Excellent" category you will find a wide range of umbrellas that have been carefully tested and awarded with verified certificates. You can find a list of all the awards and distinctions that FARE umbrellas have received in recent years here. We have been delighted to receive internal industry awards such as the Promotional Gift Award as well as international awards such as the reddot Design Award. Our umbrellas have been tested for wind resistance, freedom from harmful substances and ease of use to guarantee you the highest quality. Our production processes and our products are based on our high quality standards.

Safe and reliable - windproof and pollutant-tested FARE umbrellas

Safety and reliability are just two of our quality promises. That's why all our certified umbrellas are also wind-resistant and tested for harmful substances. The wind resistance of our umbrellas is a great advantage in difficult weather conditions, while the pollutant testing ensures that our products are environmentally friendly and safe for use by both adults and children. How does FARE ensure quality? Our umbrellas undergo rigorous quality tests such as Labtech usability tests to ensure you unsurpassed durability and reliability.

Advertising material for your company - user-friendly and tested umbrellas

If your company is looking for effective promotional tools that are durable and reliable, choose a certified umbrella from FARE. Our easy-to-use and tested umbrellas are the perfect choice for any company looking for high-quality promotional items that perfectly convey your brand. For example, the sustainable FARE® ÖkoBrella or the mini pocket umbrella FARE® AOC, with automatic open-and-close function, are particularly suitable as outstanding promotional items. All certified umbrellas can of course be printed with your own logo or a discreet logo sticker. In addition to regular umbrellas, golf umbrellas and pocket umbrellas, we also offer a range of other certified umbrella types to suit every specific need. Order an award winning FARE umbrella today and discover for yourself what makes our umbrellas so special.

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