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Innovative opening mechanism combined with elegance, lifestyle and design

The two new FARE umbrellas impress with a truly innovative double automatic function directly on the handle. Both models are stylish and classic in black. Whether you're shopping, travelling on business or going out in the evening: The FARE® RingOpener® umbrellas catch the eye and are the perfect companions.

Ring Opener function
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Chic double automatic pocket umbrella surprises with 
innovative opening and closing mechanism

Chic, sustainable and simply great: the AOC oversize pocket umbrella FARE® RingOpener® is the ultimate companion for anyone who loves high-tech, eco-friendliness and stylish design. With silver nickel tips and stainless steel-look applications, it not only looks great, but also makes a statement for a sustainable lifestyle. The highlight? The innovative opening and closing mechanism: simply pull the handle ring and voilà! Technology, environmental awareness and good looks have been combined in one umbrella. Because, as we all know, all good things come in threes!

Thanks to RingOpener®, this umbrella also offers a completely new experience

With the AC midsize umbrella FARE® RingOpener® rain protection becomes a style statement! Simply pull the handle ring and the automatic umbrella opens as if by magic. No complicated finger acrobatics required, being weatherproof has never been easier! In typical FARE style, it also focusses on sustainability. Its waterSAVE® cover material is made from recycled plastics and has been coloured to save water and energy. This not only protects the sunshade, but also the environment! Flexible fibreglass ribs ensure durability, even in strong gusts of wind. The umbrella 2.0 for everyone who wants to stay cool even when it's wet!

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  • RingOpener opened
  • RingOpener handle
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images: FARE, Pixabay