Golf umbrellas 28

Item 2235 white

Fibreglass golf umbrella

Item 2304 black wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2314 lime wS

AC golf umbrella ÖkoBrella

Item 2333 transparent-lime

AC golf umbrella FARE® Pure

Item 2339 black

AC golf umbrella Fibermatic XL Vent

Item 2345 black

AC golf umbrella

Item 2359 black

AC golf umbrella

Item 2365 navy

AC golf umbrella

Item 2382 red

AC golf umbrella

Item 2384 black-euroblue

AC golf umbrella FARE® Style

Item 2385 black wS/black

AC golf umbrella FARE® Doubleface XL Vent

Item 2393 white

AC golf umbrella Jumbo® XL Square Color

Protected together: Golf umbrellas for all occasions

If you are looking for high-quality, large umbrellas for use on the golf course or in everyday life, you have come to the right place. With an average diameter of around 120 cm up to over a meter, our golf umbrellas and guest umbrellas offer ideal protection for at least two people. This span of the umbrellas also provides a large surface area that can be decorated with your creative motifs. With their robust construction and weatherproof materials, these wind-resistant umbrellas are perfect for outdoor activities and offer protection from rain and sun. Whether you want to go for a relaxing walk or take on a sporting challenge on the golf course, our umbrellas will ensure you always stay dry. Among them you will find the AC golf umbrella Fibermatic® XL Square, which is a real eye-catcher with its square shape.

Family-friendly umbrellas for adventures together

Our range of extra-large umbrellas is ideal for families and groups who want to spend time together outdoors, even in bad weather. The spacious golf umbrellas and golf umbrellas offer enough space to protect several people from rain and wind and are reliable companions for your adventures. The 3XL fiberglass golf umbrella FARE®-Doorman is particularly large, offering space for the whole family with its diameter of 1.8 meters. Thanks to easy operation and robust handles, these umbrellas will keep you and your loved ones dry and safe. You can open the umbrellas automatically with just one hand, which is particularly practical when getting out of the car. 

Robust and wind-resistant umbrellas for golf enthusiasts

Golfers know that it's important to be well protected on the course, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Our golf umbrellas are designed to not only withstand wind and rain and give you a clear view of the green, but also offer UV protection from the sun. Made from durable, weatherproof materials and equipped with fibreglass ribs, these umbrellas retain their shape even in stormy conditions. Our generous golf umbrellas offer enough space to protect you and your equipment from the elements. In addition, they are equipped with ergonomic handles and smooth opening mechanisms that increase comfort and ease of use. Furthermore, our golf umbrellas are perfectly optimized for golf cart mounting and stay securely by your side. 

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