Sustainable development and climate protection

The Foundation Alliance for Development and Climate is the strong community for sustainable development and climate protection. Since 2020, the Alliance has been supported and further developed by the foundation of the same name. More than 1,400 companies from business, industry, the public sector and civil society as well as private individuals are committed to combining development impacts and climate protection strategies.

As a supporter of the alliance, FARE is also helping to shape a better, more climate-friendly world. In a declaration of participation, it pledges to support the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

Our support for a holistic climate protection strategy

We are working towards the goal of the climate protection strategy to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible. In line with the greenhouse gas emissions that cannot yet be avoided, we invest in high-quality offsetting projects in order to effectively promote development effects and international climate protection. In doing so, we are guided by the relevant criteria lists of the Alliance for Development and Climate Foundation. We provide information on our climate protection goals and the status of their implementation in an annual survey conducted by the foundation. This includes, in particular, the projects supported, the development impact achieved (SDGs) and the CO2 impact.